To the Cruel…

…to those who would speak words of hate and ignorance to me as well as to those who suffer like me, there are far more vile demons that dwell within us than your small mind could ever fathom or your weak soul could ever endure. I have heard it all and I have not yet laid down to them so it should be abundantly clear that I most certainly will not lie down for the meager likes of you.

On Voices…

When I am alone, the voices become the only real thing I know other than the realness of love.  I cannot amply express the reality and profoundness of this experience.  In some moments, it is all that I know.  These are not running thoughts, inner voices or an imagining of the mind.  Sometimes I lose myself to them.

On Becoming Like Little Children…

I love children’s stories. Most “adults” think I read them because I can’t read “hard” stuff…. I read children’s stories because there are many truths to be found in them. Some very brilliant people have written for children and they don’t try to hide the secrets of the universe from a child. They are clear and to the point. A lesson that needs to be learned by the gurus of today.

The secret to enlightenment is where a child can find it…

“A person’s a person no matter how small.”―Dr. Seuss, Horton Hears a Who

On Wholeness…

Along my journey, I was introduced to the idea of “wholeness.”  I’ve come to the realization that wholeness is not something we attain on our own.  We are made whole by the people in our lives who we love and who love us.

This is what is important.  This is part of the journey—to know we “are”—I “am” through the love of my beloved.

On Being Alone…

I like being on my own better than I like anything else, but I can’t give up love. Maybe it’s the tension between longing and aloneness that I need. My own funicular railway, holding in balance the two things most likely to destroy me.― Jeanette Winterson, The Powerbook

I Hate Fakers Too…

According to Dr. Marc D Feldman, an expert in factitious illnesses, there are signs on the Internet when someone is faking it:


1.            the posts consistently duplicate material in other posts, in books, or on health-related websites;

2.            the characteristics of the supposed illness emerge as caricatures;

3.            near-fatal bouts of illness alternate with miraculous recoveries;

4.            claims are fantastic, contradicted by subsequent posts, or flatly disproved;

5.            there are continual dramatic events in the person’s life, especially when other group members have become the focus of attention;

6.            there is feigned blitheness about crises (e.g., going into septic shock) that will predictably attract immediate attention;

7.            others apparently posting on behalf of the individual (e.g., family members, friends) have identical patterns of writing.


Must Be Nice…

It must be nice not to hear any voices,
Not to have that sinking feeling every time they come in.

It must be nice not to have a confused mind,
To have clear thought enough to enjoy the day.

It must be nice to sit around pondering psychology,
Without having to actually walk the psyche.

It must be nice to meditate when convenient,
Without having to fall into the depths of the abyss.

It must be nice to get a good night’s sleep,
Without being kept awake by the nightmares called into consciousness.

It must be nice…
…it must be effing nice.