Diving In…


I was taken off course by false teachers. I was immersed in my work but when they came along I found myself becoming the observer. When we observe we are no longer immersed in it. There were too many people telling me what a shaman is and what a shaman does. They knew nothing yet, for some reason, I doubted my own knowledge. I was as a master artist having bystanders tell me I wasn’t holding my pencil right or I was using the wrong lighting. I began to question myself instead of shutting the door on them. They were so focused on the end result they missed the beauty of the journey…the sweat of the brow.

I am a master at what I do. And perhaps someday they will understand though it doesn’t matter to me if they ever do. What matters is that I am to immerse myself in my work. In doing this, I find answers and some sense of peace.


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