No Shortcut…

When I was in high school I had to take a statewide test in computer science.  A few of us had a study hall in the same classroom that computer science was taught.  The answers to the test were in a closet in that room.  Some kids found it and proceeded to copy the answers.  When they asked me if I wanted to look at the answers I said no.

Later, we took the test and the results came back.  There was an award ceremony for the top scorers.  I was one of them.  Every person who scored higher than I did had cheated.  I never told anyone about their cheating but they knew I would have won if they hadn’t cheated.

This has been the story of my life.  I try to take the higher road and someone taking a shortcut always seems to win out.  I’ve busted my ass with this shaman calling yet people buying certificates in Reiki or Shadow work seem to cut in front of me and open up shop as a self-proclaimed healer.

The point is they are frauds and they know it.  You can’t buy the call to be a shaman.  I didn’t buy it.  It called me.


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