Operating System…

I have developed a Zen-like approach to the operating systems that people use: ‘When you’re ready, the right operating system will appear in your life.’― Guy Kawasaki

Schizophrenia is my operating system.  It is through this condition that I live.  I had to learn how to navigate it and learn how it processes information.  It is through this that I experienced, learned and saw many things I otherwise would not have been able to.  It is a very hard condition to live with and I currently see no escape from.  It is what it is.


3 responses to “Operating System…

  1. perhaps acceptance is the first key to admitting what gifts you have been given, instead of trying to find a way to change it perhaps acceptance is of utmost importance and second is learning how to live with it and make it apart of who you are, it is you and once you recognize this and stop trying to fight it, you can merge with it and realize you have been given a gift.

    A gift you can open with gentleness, tenderness, and loving care or you can just continue to fight this box, shake it up, kick it, and toss it aside.

    I think you are very strong and I think once you realize this is in fact a gift and a blessing will help you more than you will even know.

    Sending you all my love, always ❤

    • Yes…acceptance. I am working on that. Hard to look at this as a gift though. I have to be gentle with myself. I’m not too good at that. Thanks for the thoughts on this and much love to you too. Have a great day!

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