The Soteria research demonstrated that there is a better way: A better way to treat schizophrenia and other psychoses that destroy the lives of so many young people. The Soteria research showed that the prevalent excessive destructive psychiatric drugging of all these young people is a huge and tragic mistake. The psychiatric establishment was offended. Prestige and Money won. Truth and Love lost.

I think it was in the Soteria House that Schizophrenics were given nothing but a small amount of Valium to control their anxiety and they found most were able to walk through the psychosis. They were not as lost and as “mad” as others thought. This is a common misconception about Schizophrenia, that we are forever lost in madness. Not true. Psychosis is only one PART of the disorder. There is a whole other side to it that has to deal with the identity.

2 responses to “Soteria…

  1. This is not a comment on the post, per se. I find the idea of a safe place with just enough intervention to allow the person having a psychotic experience to get “unlost” quite appealing. Not personal experience, possibly fantasy.

    My real issue here is the name of your blog. Is it a reference to Archangel Michael and his other guises (Anubis, et al.)? I’m drawn to that aspect of inner world or underworld, as the case may be.

    Cheers and be well (please, be well – we need you).


    • My dear friend, so very good to see you here. This is just a space for my meanderings and some brilliant quotes to guide me through. Mentors, mentors everywhere. Yes, while in psychosis I thought I was Gabriel hence the name Michael’s Wingman. My very best to you and I thank you so much for stopping by.

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