The Real Deal…

Many people like myself are hurt from the masses isolating us from support we should have access to. My case is a complex one. Many want to put me in a box and say, “You are either Schizophrenic or you have DID.” It doesn’t work that way. The closer to the truth I get the more distant I am from the mass world of fake bullshit. Too many are faking mental illness to get a check from the government and it leaves the real cases lost in the cracks.

I don’t have the time or the ability right now to be an advocate for the many who truly suffer and it pisses me off that I should have to be. Our community is broken and filled with selfishness.

So please, know that you cannot fake Schizophrenia or DID by reading a book. You may get away with it for a time with the doctors but you won’t get away with it with me.

The Shaman


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