Because We Can…

Many people look to the Shaman to solve all of their problems.  We are a guide and I am calling upon my community now.  We have many problems within our society.  I am calling upon the brilliance and education of my friends.  You are a highly intelligent and compassionate group of people and for that I am thankful.  I ask that on occasion you take your thoughts to the many missing children of this world.  It is a problem that needs solving.  To ponder this is a painful place to go but the Shaman cannot bear this alone.  We are a community and as such we not only depend on one another but we are obligated to protect and serve our brothers and sisters.  I beg of you, if you would just bear some measure of thought and action we could eradicate the evil that hunts our children.  Every child in this community is mine—is yours.  May we find a way to bring them home and keep them safe.

I thank you so very much for your time and consideration.


3 responses to “Because We Can…

  1. I can definitely extend my thoughts to the children of our world. I know how passionate you are about our kids and you really struggle with the pain and agony knowing what some children have to endure.

    But like you said “you” can’t do it alone, we all have to come together on this one and I just wish other people would realize this, especially how much this effects you and actually take the time out of their busy schedules to leave you a comment or two acknowledging that they “hear” your heart.

    I am with you on this Marek.

    May God bless all of our children and I so wish someday we could all live in peace and love, I don’t understand why that is so hard to do.


  2. Oh and one more thing I guess I just now realized that people look towards shamans to solve all their problems, where have I been that I didn’t know this? But you can’t do it alone, it’s a two way street and most people don’t see that, they want everything done for them without actually having to do any work.

    I always say that it is easier to help the ones who want to help themselves. Kind of beating a dead horse if other people don’t ant to do their part too.

    Anyway I learn something new everyday.

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