Shaman Sickness…

“…this is not something that every spirit-worker is going to go through. On the contrary, most won’t. Shaman sickness is something endured by the classic shaman – another reason why, at least in this tradition, I’d like to see the word “shaman” reserved for those who have gone this route, and “spirit-worker” or “shamanic practitioner” (or even “seidhworker”, “vitki”, or “volva” when appropriate) used for those who haven’t. I know that I have no hope of instituting this definition outside of this tradition, and I don’t intend to try. However, those of us who work with the wights of this area of the world should understand that for us, this is the division.

There’s no need to feel like you’re not as good a spirit-worker if you haven’t gone through shaman sickness. Rather, you should feel grateful, because it kills people, sometimes quite literally. Every tribal culture whose spirit-workers go through such a spirit-triggered ordeal agree that not everyone survives it, and there is an attrition rate. Not going through this condition means that you retain the ability to make choices with your life. It might also mean that your “wiring” isn’t such that it could survive the transition, and the Gods know best about these things. Be grateful that you are still alive, and do the best work that you can with what you have.”


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