Of Quantum Quackery…

Quacks love to baffle followers with nonsense, hence the invocation of esoteric scientific theories that they don’t understand. Quantum mechanics and chaos theory, for example, are two incredibly difficult scientific disciplines, heavy on advanced math. If you don’t have a degree in either one, you aren’t probably qualified to pontificate on them. The same thing applies to new, imperfectly understood areas of science like epigenetics or the microbiome. Both are genuine scientific concepts, but we are in the earliest stages of elucidating them, and people from non-academic backgrounds who claim to be experts should be treated with skepticism. There is real danger in insisting that they have current practical implications. We should learn from the terrible mistakes that were made when radiation was first discovered and and radioactive compounds were added to everything from water to make up under the false belief that radiation could prevent everything from aging to death.  http://lifehacker.com/how-to-quack-proof-yourself-against-pseudoscience-1586708469


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