Delusion of Reprieve…

In psychiatry there is a certain condition known as “delusion of reprieve.”  The condemned man, immediately before his execution, gets the illusion that he might be reprieved at the very last minute.—Viktor Frankl

As I sit here, I am wondering if I have been caught within a delusion of reprieve.  What if the shaman dies?  What if I am no shaman at all? 

Death has followed me from the very beginning.  What if those behind the voices are simply biding their time until the inevitable takes place?  After all, they seem to take no action to assist me.  They seem to be just listening in.

I’m not losing hope but rather stating the cold truth.  I’ve been locked in a glass cell, watched, while my enemies sit and listen.

Hmmm…delusion of reprieve…at least I had the balls to say it.


2 responses to “Delusion of Reprieve…

  1. You have demonstrated courage all throughout your journey. I am in awe, for you are a big part of what I like to call my tribe. Whatever that is and may bring.

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