What I Know…

I sometimes struggle with “beliefs.”  These are those insidious little traps of possible untruths that lead us down paths to nowhere.  I have said we do not die but the fact is I do not “know” this.  I have to accept that.  We may die in every way…mind, body, spirit.

As my father lay dying in ICU I have to accept that I may never see him again.  This is a possibility to me now because I know no other truth.  I do know that love is real.  That is not a belief but a fact proven to me long ago.  His DNA runs through me and that is a fact.  But the way of spirit is still a mystery and perhaps always will be.

There will be an emptiness when my father leaves and I have to remember to fill it with love, the only comfort to a wound opened by death.

So here is what I know…

…my father is dying…

…and I love him.


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