White Flag…Dido…


Am I Drowning or Not…

The mystic and the schizophrenic find themselves in the same ocean, but whereas the mystic swims, the schizophrenic drowns.—R. D. Laing

A good question to ask you—do you think I am drowning?

I have a good home and a good family and though the shudders between worlds are hard at times I am still here, in this world.

So, am I sinking or swimming?  I’ll just float here a bit until you figure it out.



I am writing to you from the end of the world. You must realize this.
The trees often tremble. We collect the leaves. They have a ridiculous
number of veins. But what for? There’s nothing between them and the
tree any more, and we go off troubled.

Could not life continue on earth without wind? Or must everything tremble, always, always?


— Henri Michaux, section IV of “I Am Writing to You from a Far-offCountry”

photo: ✞ вlacĸ and wнιтe мacaвre ✞ byGreg Allum