An Ugly Creature…

Several years ago I had a couple of online “friends” who were pushing their new age and Jungian ideals on me.  Nothing I did was right. They took on the role of “teacher” and pushed me into the role of student though I didn’t belong there.

At that time, I found out that my niece had been raped and she was threatened to keep quiet about it.  It took time but she finally managed to speak out about it.  I was devastated.  How dare someone violate a child in such a way.  I confided in my online “friends” and to my surprise they began giving me lessons in shadow work.

Not once did they ask how my niece was.  Not once did they express sorrow or concern for her well being.

In a matter of a very short time, they all became ugly to me…the ugliest creatures on earth.

My heart turned black and cold and when I would not submit to the role of “student” to their foul teachings, they abandoned me.

They left a scar…a large one.  And it is something I’ve had to work through.

This is a record of my journey and I have every right to use this space to work through this.  If someone has a problem with that too bad.  Maybe it means you are as ugly a creature as they are.


4 responses to “An Ugly Creature…

  1. You are a very understanding uncle and I know she has wonderful support to “recover” enough to live a healthy and happy life. The scars will always be there but those in recovery from abuse can and often do.
    And you are a shaman and can work through your scars as well. Know you are not alone in this. Your true friends are always with you in spirit.

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