Lack of Community and Compassion…

I was watching a program about a woman who had a stillborn son.  She reached out to “friends” online and there was little response or support.  This isn’t about facebook “ego”…she needed the touch of community and received nothing.

I am reminded of the time I had returned from a long hospitalization and hardly anyone asked how I was.  I am reminded of the time I found out my niece had been raped and was keeping it a secret and those “friends” offered nothing.  Both times those who had professed to be my “closest” friends abandoned me.

Shallow fucks.  “Friends” like these need to be dropped and made to understand what a piece of shit they really are.

Interesting that my “friends” were of the “love and light” new age sect.  I need the message to get out to them.  They know nothing about life, community or compassion.

Fuck the New Age…You are dead inside and dead to me.  It is a fucked up thing when a shaman spits on your grave but you called it to you.  Take your Jung and shove it up your ass.  Take your shadow work and may you become consumed by it.  Take your feigned love and light and false compassion and remember me when spirit comes to tell you, you are dead.


2 responses to “Lack of Community and Compassion…

  1. Friends have simple ways to show they’re friends. Human simple ways..they are there when its hard. And if at the end of your earthly life there are less true friends than the fingers of one hand, you’re blessed. Was just a way to see who are those who pretend to be friends. Friend its a very important word that shouldn’t be used so easily.<3

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