Nine Years…


There should be hospitals focusing on the treatment of soul pain.  I feel like calling an ambulance and saying, “I give up,” just to get a shot of Dilaudid.

It has been nine years since God took my angel.

Lena, I miss you beyond words.  I miss you every second of every day.  Oh my god, how this hurts!  I am so lost without you.  I am so alone without my wife.

How could the universe be so cold, leaving me washed up on some fucking shore so far from home?  They say shaman can retrieve souls, well I’ve found mine…battered and pierced.



There is no way to heal from this.  It forever changed me.  I will never be the man I once was, the guy who had a chance at happiness.  Lena was my heart and without her beating in me nothing seems to matter much at all anymore.

Ti amo…


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