Stranger Than Fiction…

Some people want to know the whole story…the true story.  Be careful what you wish for.

Once upon a time, there was a female who had a husband who threatened to kill her and her children.  She lost her mind and blew on a didjeridoo.  In Aboriginal culture, a woman must never blow on the didj because the spirit of a man will enter her.

And so I came to be born.

Some say it was Dissociative Identity Disorder.  Some say it was Schizophrenia.  I say I am a shaman.

I owe no one the truth.  The truth after all, is a magical and unbelievable experience.  And I certainly owe no one details of Lena, my wife and my lover.

If you cannot take the truth that is ego and pride fucking with you.

My name is Marek and you will address me as Marek.


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