“The goal is to live

with godlike composure

on the full rush of energy,

like Dionysus riding the leopard,

without being torn to pieces.” —Joseph Campbell


Soul Searching…

“Sunshine, if I ever disappear, please tell people that I ran after the Devil, trying to get my soul back.”

― April Genevieve Tucholke, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

The Shaman’s Coat…



“It has been fashionable for a while to think of all national identities as invented, to stress the artificiality of treasured national symbols and inaccuracy of not-so-ancient myths. But the native Siberians are an example of the opposite phenomenon; of how hard it is to disinvent nationalities, of how they persist in the face of governments’ best efforts at their destruction. To stretch a metaphor, the shaman bowing in front of the Russian flying-doctor is not donning his coat again, because although he hid it under a suit and tie for a while, he never really took it off.”—Anna Reid, The Shaman’s Coat: A Native History of Siberia.

A Great Adventure…

I’ve been lighting candles on my altar for those who have passed. I am listening to ethereal music to create a beautiful space to dwell in. The questions are now gone. I know nothing—meeting life as a newborn child. I am free from all the beliefs I once held—honed to almost nothing and surrendering to the universe. I don’t know where to go from here except to look at life as one great adventure.